Magnetic conveyor: The technology of tomorrow?

You wonder if there is an easy way to take an advance against your concurrence? Our answer is: yes!

In this article we will present you a conveying system that will revolutionize the modern production.

The miracle we’re talking about is a magnetic conveyor.

The great flexibility of this technology is definitely going to revolutionize the sector of industrial machine and now we’re going to tell you how.

Unista magnetic conveyor XTS-1

What is a magnetic conveyor?

Firstly, this conveyor is not a traditional conveyor - it doesn’t use the same technology. Rotary drive chains, belts and gears used in the past are over. Now, it’s time of magnetic conveyors, that work with magnets. We can say that this technology marks a step for industrial machine maker. This new generation of conveyors is a new way of seeing packaging lines.

xplanar flying motion beckhoff

How does magnetic conveying work?

 It’s a conveyor belt in which the magnetised lower part attracts ferrous elements dispersed in other materials. The magnetic conveyor reduces frictions, that allows it to go faster and to be more flexible.

“The conveyor consists of a frame with a roller at each end on which a rubber strip is rolled. This strip usually has grooves which are responsible for driving products. On the lower part of the conveyor, a magnet attracts the ferrous metals which are held against the carpet up to the limit of the magnet; the notches of the carpet and the centrifugal force may be used to eject these materials whether on another conveyor or in a container.” Source Wikipedia


What are advantages of intelligent conveying?

You’d probably ask, why my company should use this kind of conveying system instead of traditional conveyors? To answer this question, I’ll will give you some convincing numbers: thanks to the use of magnetic conveyor the productivity of your line gets increased by 50%, footprint gets reduced by 40%, and the changeover is 50% faster than with a traditional conveyor. Magnetic conveyors’ motion control ensures an impressive repeatability of less than 1 mm.

Among other advantages of this conveyors: reduced machine size, shorter and more profitable runs and possibility of handling of bulky or heavy products (up to 40 kgs). Moreover, you’d need less maintenance to foresee what is a considerable advantage over traditional conveyors.

To be competitive you need to use the latest technology, and this is the system that can truly boost your packaging line, and make you take a great advance against your competitors.

Itrak intelligent track systems rockwell automation

Who are our magnetic conveyor suppliers?

Depending on the required automation solution, we would propose to our customer mainly a Beckhoff or a Rockwell Automation conveying system.

Strong points of their solutions make it possible to bring to life very different project types.

Beckhoff: XTS conveyor and XPlanar:


What are these systems?  XPlanar is a slab floating and moving without contact with your line. It allows an extremely fast and flexible transport of your products on it. Its impressive stability, variety of movement directions such as inclination, 360° rotation and totally free displacement on x & y axis will open new horizons for your packaging lines.

The XTS is a linear magnetic transport system. It is faster and more flexible than a traditional conveyor. This system allows you to speed up your production by almost 50% depending on your product type and requires almost no maintenance due to its magnetic structure.


Rockwell automation and its iTrak:

Rockwell automation

The iTrak technology represents trays displacing along the conveyor line thanks to linear motors. These trays stop at operation stations and they can speed up or slow down to put products on another conveyor.

Potential applications for intelligent conveyors

You can use this system for different kinds of machines. From the beginning of your production line with its filling, capping and labelling machines until the end of line: for case packing and palletizing.

Its utilisation will allow you to better connect machines between them, increase their common functioning and their ergonomics. By the way, this system is compatible with almost all of our machines.

Our opinion

Is this system as great as it looks like? We can ensure you, that it is. We’re working with intelligent conveying systems for 4 years now and it’s getting more and more popular among companies who want to stay in the forefront of the industry.

You should consider this conveying type especially if you work in cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry because of its steady development that requires companies to develop the most flexible packaging solutions to be always at the leading edge.

Our customers like this system because it helps to increase productivity and agility of their packaging lines. You want to make your own opinion? Tell us more about your packaging line and we’ll tell you, if magnetic conveying systems might be suitable for you.

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