For companies using products delivered in thermoformed plastic sheets we have developed a solution that allows to benefit from this packing type. We use this advantage to speed up and simplify the packaging of your final product.

The analysis
of sheet format
allows us to define
the position of the objects
and to take them
immediately from
thermoformed sheets.



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Manipulator of objects in thermoforms description

Automatic handling of objects in thermoforms allows you to transport products in thermoformed plastic or fibre trays. Here are some kinds of products that can be easily manipulated with this robotic solution: lipsticks, eyeliners or mascara.

Our robotic packaging machines allow you to make a changeover in just a few seconds: you just chose the format of your tray in our machine board computer and insert a pallet with full thermoformed trays into the machine loading station and that's it!

The structure of the machine may vary from your specific needs, but the principle stays the same: the first robot removes a tray with products from the pallet to an operation station, and the second robot discharges the tray row by row. As soon as the tray is empty, the first robot takes it away and replaces it with another full tray.

To make this process the most flexible, the structure of our machines allows the first robot to take an advance while the second robot is discharging trays. And thus, we maintain the packaging speed rate constant.

Finally, this machine can be completed by a capping machine, a case packer or a palletizer, what will allow you to build a complete packaging line.

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Technical characteristics

Number of robots 2 to 5
Robot type Cartesian / polyarticular
Speed rate 150 pieces per minute
Interface Panel PC 18,5''
System login RFID badge or password
Vision sensor Cognex InSight
Illumination TPL Vision


Component parts

  • Cartesian robot for manipulation of thermoformed parts
  • Pucks inlet conveyor with screw
  • Drop-off station
  • Covering system
  • Marking system
  • Outlet conveyor
  • Machine frame

Characteristics and dimensions

Height 2,4 m
Length 6 m
Width 3,3 m
Weight ≈ 4,5 tons
Voltage 3x400+N
Power 5 kW
Pneumatic pressure 6 bar

Possible options

  • Screwing / unscrewing station
  • Bottle blowing system

Technical drawing


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Manipulators of objects in thermoforms

Manipulator of lipsticks in thermoforms (made for L'Oréal)

Machine for lipsticks in thermoforms (made for L'Oréal)