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Flexible packaging line

To improve the productivity of your packaging line it is necessary to employ solutions that combine multiple functions in a single machine. It makes you save space, but what is even more important – it makes your production easier. The structure of this machine guarantees an easy integration into existing lines and its use is as simple and intuitive as the use of our conventional machines. Moreover, our flexible packaging line can be equipped by different options like pucks unloading, intelligent product transfer, multiformat pucks, control and marking stations…

UNISTA offers you a turnkey solution for a flexible line that combines several stages of packaging of your choice.

One of the solutions that we can offer is a line combining blowing, filling and capping systems.


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Technical characteristics

Number of robots up to 5
Robot type Polyarticular + SCARA
Speed rate 60 pieces per minute
Interface Panel PC 18,5''
System login RFID badge or password
Vision sensor Cognex InSight
Illumination TPL Vision


Сomponent parts

  • Bottle blower
  • Pucks loading robot
  • Intelligent transfer system iTrak
  • Multi-format pucks
  • Filling machine
  • Station for manual accessories positioning
  • Station for robotic accessories positioning
  • Robotic capping machine
  • Capping control station
  • Marking station and marking control station
  • Robotic pucks unloading machine
  • Machine frame

Characteristics and dimensions

Height 2,4 m
Length 9 m
Width 2,4 m
Weight ≈ 6 tons
Voltage 3x400+N
Power 10 kW
Pneumatic pressure 6 bar

Technical drawing

unista flexible packaging line view right__003249200_1105_23032018unista flexible packaging line view up__069790500_1105_23032018unista flexible packaging line view diag__056380000_1105_23032018