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Our capping machines are designed considering the most sensitive point of the industry: compactness. Our innovative solution turns bottle caps with a vacuum conveyor belt which makes it possible to save space of your production site. The structure of this machine guarantees easy integration into existing lines.

As specialists in
custom-made equipment,
we can also offer you
additional solutions for
caps orientation, screwing
and integration of pumps.



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Technical characteristics


Number of robots 1
Robot type Delta robot
Speed rate 50 pieces per minute
Interface Panel PC 18,5''
System login RFID badge or password
Vision sensor Cognex InSight
Illumination TPL Vision

Pick & Place System

Lifting mode Vacuum cups / mechanical grippers
Number of caps per lift 1
Caps Material Plastic
Insert mode Press or clip


Caps feeding system en vrac
Feeding through Lift conveyor integrated into the bin feeder
Bin Feeder Volume 350 litres

Characteristics and dimensions

Height 2,4 m
Length 1,9 m
Width 1,5 m
Weight ≈1,5 tons
Voltage 3x400+N
Power 2,5 kW
Pneumatic pressure 6 bar

Component parts

  • Lift conveyor
  • Rotary cap orienter
  • Vacuum turn-over belt
  • Vision and lighting system
  • Integrated backlight illuminator
  • Robot
  • Distance measurement  detector
  • Machine frame

Possible options

  • Orientation and refocusing module
  • Automatic screwing and pre-screwing
  • Installation of dosing pumps

Technical drawing

UNISTA - Capping machine caps - industrial - robot - 1

UNISTA - Capping machine caps - industrial - robot - 2


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Capping machine