Our robotic bottle unscrambler is suitable for a quick and easy series change. Saving a new layout is purely intuitive which makes usage of our machine extremely simple. After all it doesn’t require any knowledge in robotics.

Once the new layout is saved in the database, the format change will be done within a few seconds.

This makes it possible to maintain a high production rate even if you need to treat different formats.



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 Bottle unscrambler description

Our robotic bottle unscrambler is suitable for a quick and easy series change. It is also adapted to different product types like flasks, cans or vials.

You also have several options to adjust this unscrambler to your production line in order to improve the efficiency of your packaging process.

To increase the speed of your production line we have developed an unscrambling system with two robots. Just like in our classic unscramblers you have a choice between different bottle placements: on conveyor belt or in pucks. For the best treatment of asymmetric products, we also offer bottle orientation solutions.

Finally, with our descrambling solutions you’ll be able to complete your production with filling, labelling etc. We can also propose you a bottle blowing system, a capping machine or pucks unloading machine.

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Technical characteristics


Number of robots 1
Robot type Delta robot
Speed rate 60-80 pieces per minute
Interface Panel PC 18,5''
System login RFID badge or password
Vision sensor Cognex InSight
Illumination TPL Vision

Pick & Place System

Lifting mode Vacuum cup
Number of bottles per lift 1
Bottle Material Plastic
Bottle Dimension from 20 ml up to 5 l


Bottle feeding system in bulk
Feeding through bin feeder
Bin Feeder Volume from 300 up to 1000 litres

Characteristics and dimensions

Height 2,4 m
Length 3,5 m
Width 1,9 m
Weight ≈2 tons
Voltage 3x400+N
Power 3,5 kW
Pneumatic pressure 6 bar

Сomponent parts

  • Bin feeder
  • Lift conveyor integrated into the feeder
  • Product transfer carousel
  • Vision and lighting system
  • 1 or 2 robots
  • Machine frame
  • Vacuum belt conveyor at the line end

Possible options

  • Camera detecting product orientation
  • Positioning in pucks
  • Bottle blower
  • Marking station

Technical drawing

unista bottle unscrambler industrial machine robot_1__005161700_1530_06042018unista bottle unscrambler industrial machine robot_2__053092100_1529_28032018

unista bottle unscrambler industrial machine robot_3__096407800_1529_28032018

Blister feeding

Bottle unscrambler with 2 robots

Bottle unscrambler with blowing option