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The company UNISTA was created in 2007, since it’s the increase. As a developer and producer of industrial machines, the main goal of UNISTA is to find simple solutions for complex issues. That’s why at UNISTA, we give a great importance to the customer service. From the beginning of conception until the implementation.

Firstly, we are trying to understand your needs to be able to answer to them. Which function you might need to automate and why? Which solution could we propose in order to match your needs?...

To achieve our project goals at its finest, we use an “Agile” method. This method is based on 4 values:

  1. Individuals and their interactions rather than processes and tools
  2. Operational software rather than over-detailed documentation
  3. Teamwork with our customers rather than contract negotiation
  4. Adaptivity to changes rather than following a predefined plan

During the conception of your project, we organize a project launch meeting to know if all your requirements have been met. Depending on the project, the design review may be done in a virtual reality cube. It’s immersive structure allows you to be at the heart of your project as if it was already made. During the review you can check access-points, work on the ergonomics of the workstation and even take measures.

Once the machine is made, we proceed with a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). To accomplish this test, we put the machine in operation at our production site to see if the equipment matches the specification.

As the next step, the machine is disassembled and delivered to the customers operating site. Our team will adjust the machine and integrate it in the existing production line. As the following step we make a SAT (Site Acceptance Test) on your production site.

At UNISTA we know how important flexibility is, that’s why we adapt to your different SAT protocols. Moreover, for an optimal utilization of your machine, we provide you with a special training.

After the successful delivery, we continue supporting our customers. Our SmartPart software allows you to manage spare parts required for operation on the long term. Thanks to this software, you can order parts and get them delivered - nothing could be simpler!Image- présentation Unista

As you see, from the start until the end of your project you’ll never be alone, because we give the highest importance to the support of our customers in creation of automated packaging machines. 

The creation of automated packaging lines, the custom-made equipment and the customer service are the main activities of our company. With our standard machines for items distribution, capping, pucks and buckets unloading, case packing and palletizing UNISTA can respond to your needs.

By choosing UNISTA you’re making an investment in the future of your company. Our machines unite cutting-edge technology, modern design and a high-quality engineering solutions.