Custom-made equipment

Robotic End Load Cartoner

This ultra-compact machine is both simple and efficient.

Thanks to its flexibility it allows fast series change: you just chose the format of your product in the database and press the start button.

Moreover, the use of this machine doesn't require any knowledges in robotics.

Technical characteristics

Number of robots 1
Robot type Polyarticular
System Pick & Place
Speed rate 40 - 70 pieces per minute
Interface Panel PC 18,5''
System login RFID badge or password
Lifting mode Vacuum cups / mechanical grippers
Bottles feeding system In pucks / on conveyor
Feeding through Accumulation / Screw

Characteristics and dimensions

Height 2,0 m
Length 1,6 m
Width 1,2 m
Weight ≈ 1,5 tons
Voltage 3x400+N
Power 2 kW
Pneumatic pressure 6 bar

Сomponent parts

  • Belt conveyor at the line beginning
  • 1 Robot
  • Gripper
  • Belt conveyor at the line end
  • Machine frame

Possible options

  • Protecting tunnel at the outlet conveyor

Technical drawing

UNISTA - Robotic End Load Cartoner - 1

UNISTA - Robotic End Load Cartoner - 2

UNISTA - Robotic End Load Cartoner - 3