Flexible packaging lines

You dream about fast and simple format changeover?

And what if we say that now this solution exists?

Together with a Polish company UNILOGO we create complete lines including all elements you may need for a complete packaging solution.

Our machines perfectly match with each other and need a minimum of time for a complete changeover.

A great point of this collaboration is that you only need to contact one supplier - UNISTA or UNILOGO - and we will take care of the entire project.


Why this line is so revolutionary?

Our solution if fully modular. You can start from any point : from unscrambling or distribution of bottles from pallets, filling, capping, labelling, case packing and palletizing. You can also order only the beginning, the middle or the end of the line. On just a single machine.

You decide!



May I integrate another machine in the middle of the line?

Each production is unique. We are perfectly aware of it. That's why we can integrate an external solution into the line. Depending on your needs, we can equip the line with checkweighers, cartoning and wrapping machines, sensors and ejection conveyors, manual stations etc.

What is the speed of this line?

As for all of our solutions, we adapt our machines to your needs, and we can propose you full lines for production between 35 and 140 products per minute.


Which products can the line handle?

You can manipulate bottles and jars of various sizes.

Our typical cosmetics line can manipulate products between 30 ml and 1 L and a classical chemicals line can handle products between 1 and 10 L.
But if you have a different bottle range, contact us and we'll propose you a different solution.

We can handle any type of closures with our unique caps distribution technology: caps that require screwing or clipsing, pumps, triggers etc.


How does a complete line look like?

For the design of a complete line we've decided to chose a uniform style for our machines.

Smooth look, matching metal case frames and doors, unique design and many other details that make this line look like a piece of automation art!


Get more inspiration

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