Collaborative robots are by your side!

You wonder how the future will look like?

Will we live in a world full of flying cars, smart glasses, bionic arms..?

Sincerely, we don' know.

But we probably know how your future collegues will look like!


Even though the humanity is still pretty far from the Syfy reality, the progress in the industrial world is moving astonishingly fast!


Predicting the future of industry

You might remember a quote of Thomas Watson, a former head of IBM who presumably said once "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers". Well, now we know that his estimation was not quite accurate.

The same concerns automation: even 10 years ago some of today's inventions would appear completely unrealistic, and now here they are – as a part of our new reality! And needless to say, that the industry is moving forward even faster than our household appliances.



Why start using collaborative robots?

Whereas we're not yet in the age of completely automated production sites, some robotic solutions are already there - ready to work with a human being side by side! Especially in Europe where a question of space is always an important issue, collaborative robots become a strongest trend.

These robots are not there to replace a human – but to become his partner for jobs that require accomplishing of tasks that a too complicated for a human.

Another great feature of collaborative robots is its outstanding safety that allows us to work in the same work area! No more need to limit the access to the robot work area through huge protection cages.


Collaborative robots and security

Unlike traditional industrial robots, collaborative robots, or “cobots” are designed to work alongside their human colleagues. This collaboration is ensured with high-tech security solutions that immediately stop the robot if its actions may become dangerous for a human.

What does it mean in practice? The robot will stop as soon as you touch it!


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